5 Day Trial

YOU MUST USE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS TO RECEIVE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION! Please check your SPAM folder for "TRIAL App Login Info". You pay for your product upfront and receive the entire length of service right away. There are no refunds after purchase. TRIAL service is TERMINATED after 5 days and you may upgrade to a subscription at any time PRIOR to your trial end date and keep the same login information. After your trial ends, you will be forced to purchase a new subscription and receive a new username/password for your account. Every package that is purchased below will receive a new username and password when ordered.

5 Day TRIAL - 1 connection (NO VOD/NO PPV/NO ADULT XXX)

*NO Video On-Demand *NO Pay-Per-View *NO Adult (XXX)
1 Connection TRIAL to test the service! It does NOT include any PPV, VOD Movies/TV Shows, nor Adult (XXX)! The Live TV channels are limited compared to a subscription, but will allow you 5 days to test the service.
5 Days auto-termination
You may upgrade to a Multi-Device subscription at any time during your trial by opening a ticket.
Once your trial ends it is terminated, you CANNOT upgrade, you will have to purchase a subscription on your own separately.